Health Protection

Dr Nigel Calvert

Consultant In Public Health Medicine


Dr Andrew Rideout

Consultant in Public Health


Andrea Whelan

Nurse Consultant in Health Protection


Justine McCuaig

Health Protection/Blood Borne Virus Nurse Specialist


Lynn Wilson

Health Protection/Blood Borne Virus Nurse


Kerry Wylde

PA support to Dr Nigel Calvert/Dr Andrew Rideout/Andrea Whelan & Health Protection Administrator


Vaccination Transformation Programme

Dr David Breen

Locum Consultant in Public Health Medicine




 Gemma Stewart

Interim Immunisation Team Lead Nurse


Annette Carnochan

Immunisation Team Administrator 


Screening & Child Health

Aileen Primrose

Screening Services Programme Manager


Grace Brown

Screening Services Programme Assistant Manager


Diabetic Retinopathy

Jane Carrick

Screener/Grader &

Diabetic Retinopathy Programme Manager


Deborah Payne

DRSP Administrator

Contact Us:

NHS Dumfries & Galloway Health Protection & Screening

Crichton Hall




Health Protection Team

Tel 01387 272724


Immunisation Team

Tel 01387 244368


Screening Team

Tel 01387 244375



Child Health Team

Tel 01387 244367


Diabetic Retinopathy

Tel 01387 244310




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